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About The Wonders


This site is about human performance - mind, body, and spirit.

Minute In Motion is about taking control of the time you've got. Time is a mystery. We wonder about "time".. all the "time". The mere definition of time has nearly a dozen definitions. It's said by the great philosophers throughout time, "Time is the only thing that is truly equal for all of us". 

So what do we need to know about time that we don't already know? Well, how about that our mind experiences time differently than how we measure time - that difference is often the reason for much of life's issues. 

Time is our competitive edge.

Time is the great equalizer. Although time is measured by machines we wear on our wrist, our minds experience time differently. 

We explore the wonders of time and get right to heart of the matter - the experience of time. Priorities, balance, productivity, strategies, and much more are all covered in relation to time.


This material is the most intriguing work of it's kind on life's most precious resource, time.


"Time is the only thing that is truly equal for all of us"


You can read more about TimeInMotion from the book Wonders In Motion





Life itself is the process of building memories.  What makes this wonder so "wondrous" is that a person ultimately decides the value of all the memories, and in turn, the value of life.


"Wherever you are, be there! "


Our memories are formed by what we've focused on and the meaning we attached to it.  By altering what we focus on, we get a different experience.  By choosing a different meaning, we also get a different experience. 


"Ultimately, we are measured by what we contribute."


Be passionate about life's experiences.  Try to remember life's experiences with astonishing clarity.

You'll get to experience things in the past, present, and future with new insight and enhanced perception.   Learn how to strengthen the memories that support you and plan for the new memories you deserve.


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Time In Motion


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