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About The Wonders


This site is about human performance - mind, body, and spirit.

Our wondrous souls are precious, unique, and expressive. The soul is hungry for the raw experience of life. It is often passionate, vibrant, and craves for something more. Like a curious child, your soul wants to taste everything. 

Let's get past the flowery language for a moment and get to the heart of the matter in the form of a question:

Why are you here?

We are inspired by the sense there is something soulful about of a person's existence. Our mission is to reveal to you a set of specific questions that will lead you to that nagging question - Why are you here?

Whatever you are seeking, the questions you routinely ask are guiding you. So, what questions are you asking about your purpose? 

To learn more about the soulful creature within you, visit the members pages.


You can read more about PurposeInMotion from the book Wonders In Motion

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