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About The Wonders


This site is about human performance - mind, body, and spirit.

Wonders In Motion is a knowledge base of "best-in-class" patterns learned throughout time from a variety of "human interests".  Armed with better patterns, a person can realize better outcomes.


But what patterns, you ask?  How does this relate to anything about me?   Okay, lets use a real world "outcome system" that is in the press often, Tiger Woods -- the golfer.  Is he  purely gifted or is there a pattern of building strength and character to get a desired outcome?  Does Tiger do something different or unique?  What does Tiger see, feel, hear, and know that dramatically outperforms his peers?   Well, at WondersInMotion.com- we've made those questions (and answers) our passion.  They are available to you or someone you care about right now.



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Wonders In Motion - "Imagination is stronger than will"